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With the entry of pandemics into our life, online education has gained the attention of students, teachers, and universities alike. A sudden shift towards online mode led to new learning experiences. With new learning ideas, people can see the benefit of online learning and study in their homes.

Its been tough for parents to allow the use of virtual education but it imparts different preferences from one student to another. the time now online mode has been in huge demand and we can easily predict that it has changed lives in many ways.


Most of the schools and universities have transformed their mode on Google Meet, Zoom, Google Classrooms, Microsoft Teams, etc. Online education became an imminent trend around the globe. Here are some benefits to being looked on are as follows-

● INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT- Technology-proved education is accompanied by interactive and virtual images and objects gained over dull traditional education.

● FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENT- students can easily access recorded lectures at their convenient places with easy accessibility.

● ECO- FRIENDLY- In the Traditional mode, students prepare assignments in bundles of papers, rather instead with one click students can save their files and folders that can be organized without any physical damage.

● ENHANCING NEW SKILLS AND ABILITIES- availability of online courses, students can explore new applications and platforms to develop their skills and enhance their academic growth.

● COST-EFFECTIVE- fees of schools and colleges have been increased which forced students to follow virtual mode, thereby being effective.

● TRACKING STUDENT’S PERFORMANCE- in online mode, students are well notified about their submission of their application and work,, and create effortless for teachers to track down their performance during late submission.


Online education played a crucial role in pandemics but its consequences cannot be ignored directly. its challenges are multi-dimensional. here are some of its drawbacks as follows -

● UNAVAILABILITY OF SMARTPHONES- It is wistful for students who live in rural areas that lie far away from smartphone accessibility. People who cannot afford smartphones can directly affect their academic performance and creates a disparity between them based on the quality of education.

● MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE- Continuous screening on laptops and smartphones can affect student's health leading to head pain., Redness of the eye, and back strain thereby leading to long-term damage.

● SCARCITY OF CONNECTIVITY- Still in many areas people lack in accessing high internet speed and connectivity. Due to inconsistency, students can easily get distracted and can be engaged in other activities . in this way the assignment work has been taken up lightly.

● LACK IN FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTION-students faces a struggle in facing the screen for a longer duration. Cameras are turned off and logging out can lead to distraction, and freedom from the rules of the traditional classroom so the works are are less important for them. So in this case traditional classrooms are far better in face-to-face interaction which is moderated by teachers


It takes time for students to adopt a drastic change in the mode of learning.

They are reluctant to solve the practice-based questions and then copy the answers directly. In this way, it affects their mental - ability and overall development.


It's been proved that technology- proved-based education has been an invention that is the outcome of learning. Online education has helped in improving the skills of both teachers and students. It played a crucial role in pandemics, but students need guidelines and parent support during the course to reach their goals and achievements.

The online and offline modes should go in hand-in-hand depending on circumstances and ease of availability. Somewhere in the future, education would be in hybrid mode. But online education cannot replace the traditional mode, so it is necessary to return back to its original place as soon as pandemics end completely.

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