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Patriotism in Youth

What is Patriotism?

India has had a very dark history of being invaded and conquered by external elements time and again. Be it the British, Arabs, French, Greeks or the Persian, they have looted and plundered India and have caused great devastation. And as citizens of India, one must proudly remember our liberation struggle towards becoming an independent state. And yes, patriotism is one such feeling.

Well, it’s not that josh or feeling that one gets while watching an India vs Pakistan match. Patriotism is not even that formality of singing the National Anthem for the sake of it in the school assembly every day. Then what is patriotism?

Patriotism is that sense of gratitude and indebtedness that one feels towards our soldiers because of whom people like you and me can sleep peacefully at night. It is that zeal and pride one feels when somebody abroad asks as to which country you belong to and you say India. Patriotism is showing your love to the country by owning up and taking responsibilities towards the betterment of the nation. Patriotism is that passion and fire in you to make to build India and make it the best in the world.

Role of Youth

India is the world’s youngest country with its median age at just 28.4 years. If we equip the youth of our country with the right set of morals and values, then in no time India will go on to become a world superpower. And patriotism is one of the most important beliefs that needs to be instilled into the young minds of our country.

Patriotism promotes the virtue of public sacrifice as a prerequisite for the smooth and efficient running of a nation. War is the best example to explain this. Armed forces personnel risk their lives with the belief and vision that the nation is greater than themselves.

Patriotism also further decreases the likelihood of having conflicts and communal riots. Dissimilarities in caste, creed or religion are of less importance than the shared ideals of oneness, devotion and loyalty towards the country.

Another big advantage of patriotism is that it drastically reduces corruption. This happens as highly patriotic public servants will never get into cheap vulgarities like using the state’s money for their own personal benefit. Patriotic leaders would be aware of the damage they could cause to society upon being corrupt.

All said about the benefits of patriotism, how can we further imbibe this quality amongst the youth of our country? One of the best ways of doing so, is by inducing this very principle from the formative years of a student. Patriotism can never be imbibed by just studying through books, it would need a much practical approach. The course curriculum of a school should also include classes or sessions where NGO partners and individual experts interact and educate students about the greatness of our country. These sessions would also aware students about their roles and responsibilities towards the country and how one must contribute in any way possible towards the betterment of the nation. Such a step has already been adopted by Delhi Government schools under the Deshabhakti initiative.

Another great way of instigating patriotism is by making military service a compulsion for each and every individual. Countries like Russia, Switzerland, and Israel have made it obligatory to do so. As a result of which, these countries are very well regarded for their development and military might. Military service fosters discipline, mannerism, chivalry, persistence and above all, high levels of patriotism in the individual.

Currently, India doesn’t have mandatory military service. But, the Agnipath Scheme with a four-year exit option enables the youth with an opportunity to serve the Indian Armed Forces and contribute towards national development. To learn more about this scheme, click on: .

As we are nearing 75 glorious years of our independence, let’s show some patriotism by flagging our tricolour in our houses and taking up a resolution to take our country to great heights. Onward and upwards……

Jai Hind!!!

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