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India must hold its independence in the highest regard. After numerous attempts, the British Empire's cloak, which for millennia had struggled to uphold the fundamental right of every person to freedom—sometimes with force, sometimes with injustice, was finally thrown over. As a result, our nation's Independence was gained in previously unheard-of methods by its people.

Men of honor had a significant role to play in the freedom struggle. However, surprisingly women too led from the front and emerged as game changers in the quest for independence. From a historical perspective, it is obvious that one of the most significant features of the independence struggle was the widespread participation of women, who up until that time had only been allowed in the home.

Various nationalist initiatives were carried out by women both inside and outside the house. Women organized seminars in the house to teach other women and made substantial contributions to nationalist literature by writing essays, poems, and propaganda. Nationalist leaders who were hiding from the British authorities were also given shelter and nursing care. The women took over the leadership responsibilities and steered the cause when the nationalist leadership was imprisoned, which is crucial.

"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman," Margaret Thatcher once said about women’s innate quality to act, not react. These resounding words hold everywhere in the world, and more so in India.

Let's review our past and recognize the important contributions made by women to our nation.

However, the 1857 Revolt saw several courageous women take part in the fight for independence who have now become legendary figures in the history of Indian Independence.

Here are some as follows:

1. SAROJINI NAIDU(1879-1949):

  • Known as the "Nightingale of India" for her poetry and oratory skills, was honored by the political authorities of both India and England for her poetry

  • by adopting the rhetorical position of the representative Indian woman for Indian women, participating in the Indian Independence struggle, and many women's concerns connected to the nationalist movement, such as women's suffrage.

  • As the first Indian woman to lead the Indian National Congress and be named governor of the United Provinces in 1925, Naidu also performed governmental duties.

2. RANI LAKSHMIBAI(1835-1858):

  • When Rani Lakshmibai's husband Gangadhar Rao passed away in 1853 leaving behind an adopted heir, the Company inherited her kingdom under Lord Dalhousie's doctrine of lapse.

  • She quickly recruited her forces after joining the revolt against the British and took command of the insurgents in the Bundelkhand region. She engaged in a bloody fight while dressed as a guy and lost the war.

3. KASTURBA GANDHI(1869-1944):

  • Together with her husband Mohandas Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi started working in politics and social activity in South Africa in 1904. Upon her return to India, Kasturba took part in a variety of civil movements and rallies, frequently filling in for her husband while he was incarcerated.

  • In 1917, while Mohandas was working to better the lives of indigo farmers in Champaran, Bihar, Kasturba was concerned with the welfare of the women there. Upon her return to India, Kasturba took part in several social actions and rallies, frequently filling in for her husband when he was absent.

  • She took part in nonviolent demonstrations against the British in Rajkot in 1939. She was detained for a month in solitary confinement after being arrested outside of the city, which caused her health to worsen.


In the twenty-first century, women's roles have not suddenly changed. There have been conflicts, disagreements, epiphanies, redefining of roles, and much more. Just a few years ago, it was recognized that both men and women are essential components of society and that ignoring the needs of the "weaker" segment will prevent society from developing and growing.

Even though it has always been overlooked and undervalued, women have played a significant role in the evolution and development of civilization. The interest and welfare of women must be integrated into society's mainstream. Globalization has had an impact on how women are viewed and treated, and it has significantly helped push women forward and make them a significant portion of the labor force.

As a result of globalization, women now make a significant contribution to the nation's overall GDP. However, when women become more exposed to exploitation as a result of globalization, the mechanisms put in place to ensure their safety are insufficient. As a result, we can conclude that women's contributions can only be effective when their interests are guaranteed and their contributions are valued.

Some of the trends that have been observed recently include the expanding involvement of women in politics, their contribution to the fight against terrorism, the need to speak out for prostitutes' rights, and the necessity of their rehabilitation. Another important topic in society that needs to be considered is equality, as well as the place of women in society.


We have been liberated from the yoke of British control in India for many years. Do our women since liberation today, years later, from the crimes committed against them? But the rate of violence against women in our nation is rising. The list of sexual violence includes rape, female feticide, acid attacks, domestic violence, dowry deaths, honor killings, forced abortion, human trafficking, and much more. Unfortunately, the frequency of these crimes is a rising year.

Let's put our disagreements aside on the eve of Independence Day and work to combat the problems that prevent our women from becoming independent. She needs to be brought up to be strong and independent, never to be a victim. "Freedom cannot be attained unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression," said Nelson Mandela.


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