Bridging Gaps


Quality education prepares students for the fast-paced and competitive world that awaits them. We believe that with expert guidance and support, students can leverage their education and potential to further explore a world full of exciting career opportunities and orient themselves for a successful start to their professional lives.

EdUpgrade is a career accelerator program especially designed for graduate and post-graduate students studying in Bihar’s public universities. Through a process of focussed mentorship and interactions with experts from various fields, the program aims to introduce Bihar’s college students to new opportunities and bring nuance to their career choices. 


We have meticulously curated an impressive list of industry leaders from diverse sectors such as marketing, higher education, law, arts and media, agriculture, etc. to help students explore various career pathways and seek expert guidance. We aim to impact over 2000 students each year by supporting them to leverage EdUpgrade’s innovative teaching pedagogy and expert counselling in making informed decisions for their future. 


The program consists of four terms spread over a year with each participant deep-diving in any two thematic areas per term. EdUpgrade is a totally free and open program for students enrolled in public universities in Bihar. 


If you are a college student from Bihar excited to kick-start your professional career- EdUpgrade will be your stepping stone to the plethora of career opportunities that await you. Apply now and allow us to help you achieve your goals!

Widespread differences in opportunities accessible to different people is a fact of our daily lives. We believe that these differences can be eased by sharing a glimpse of our set of opportunities and wisdom with those who are unaware of these. By committing our time and emotional and mental resources to less opportune young minds, we can guide them to a path full of possibility.



The EdConnect Mentoring program connects committed and educated mentors from across the globe to Bihar’s government school students (above 14 years of age) with the aim to facilitate meaningful learning and holistic development of students. Special attention is given to the mentor-mentee relationships to ensure that a strong and healthy bond is nurtured and that the students are secured of mature guidance and support. 


Through regular virtual or telephonic interactions, the mentor guides and supports the mentee in his/her academic and extracurricular pursuits and aids them in their intellectual, emotional and social growth. The program is also an attempt to bring attention to the deplorable condition of public education in Bihar by connecting an unaware outsider to the system’s worst-hit stakeholders - its students. 


The program adopts a multi-faceted design with regard to facilitating soft skills and personality development as well as academics and short-term support. Mentor-mentee pairing is guided by the experience and profile of the mentor and the mentee’s array of interests and expectations. 


If you are an undergraduate student or above, available to talk to your mentee at least twice a week, willing to teach and guide your mentee regularly, and are dedicated to sharing knowledge and creating lasting relationships - then join us to become a mentor!


Gyaan Daan

We believe that the most indestructible treasure that humans possess is knowledge and that more of it can be achieved simply by sharing it. By volunteering our time, effort and knowledge we can unlock a world of possibilities for our nation’s students and unleash an unprecedented education revolution.

At EdJustice, we fervently believe in the power of sharing knowledge to usher in an education revolution. We hold that the active participation and exposure of citizens from all walks of life to the grim realities of Bihar’s public education system would bring well-deserved and urgently-needed attention to the system. 


Through Gyaan Daan, we seek to mobilise a team of 100 volunteers or Shiksha Saathis in every district of Bihar to take lead in facilitating and supporting EdJustice’s various interventions on-ground. They will be working closely with government schools in their respective districts to provide academic and extracurricular support to students, depending on their expertise and time commitment. 


Given an abysmal dearth of subject-specific teachers in Bihar, your superior skill-sets and expertise will add tremendous value to the academic take-aways of students. As an on-ground teaching facilitator and education advocate, you can discover and nurture India’s next leading scientists, doctors, musicians and artists. We are looking forward to having you as a Shiksha Saathi in our District Team!

Physical distance and communication barriers may hinder you to contribute directly to the learning achievements of the less privileged. But with basic technology available at the tap of phone screens, you can virtually reach a classroom full of students and share your experiences and knowledge with budding minds.

EdConnect Virtual

EdConnect Virtual is a classroom based online-learning program for Bihar’s government school students. We incorporate cutting-edge education technology to the teaching pedagogy and curriculum design of schools by providing supplemental and remedial academic support in the form of virtual classes. 


The program aims to bring innovation and technology in the classroom-experience of students and introduce them to experts or Digital Shiksha Saathis from around the globe. These classes are conducted through video conferencing tools and are screened for a duration of approximately sixty minutes each. Topics can range from photosynthesis to decision making and effective methods of lesson-delivery are ideated and prepared in advance. We pay special attention to ensuring that classes are interactive and that students are able to get their doubts solved. 


We believe that your skill-sets and knowledge can significantly aid the academic learning of our students. If you have a phone/laptop, a sound internet connection and the willingness to share your knowledge, then join us as a Digital Shiksha Saathi!


Shiksha Setu

Teaching is the art of assisting discovery, of nurturing the limitless potential of young minds and of allowing them to grow and learn alongside you. All teachers are united by this very commitment to society and its young generation. By bringing teachers from diverse backgrounds to a common platform, we attempt to become a bridge between those who can access cutting edge teaching resources and those who teach in more austere settings.

Shiksha Setu was conceived with the vision to bridge the gap in academic-delivery and student-engagement skills of teachers between those who are employed in state-run schools in rural areas and the ones who teach in urban areas. 


In its current modality, teachers from various government schools in Bihar engage with senior teachers (with more than 15-20 years of experience) from top schools in Delhi-NCR and Gujarat through weekly virtual sessions. The programme is designed to facilitate collaborative learning with respect to best practices, new methods of teaching, subject-specific learning, digital methods of education-delivery and sensitisation to challenges faced by students.  


The Programme runs for a duration of 2.5 months or 10 sessions. Each cohort consists of 30 participants. Participants are awarded a certificate of participation upon the successful completion of the Programme. 

If you are a current B.Ed./ M.Ed. student enrolled in a government-run institute or a teacher employed in a government school in Bihar, and are interested in learning about fresh paradigms to teaching, apply to the Shiksha Setu Programme now!

For B.Ed./M.Ed. students:

For current teachers:


As much as Science and Mathematics are commended in India and students encouraged to choose these subjects as windows to a world of academic possibilities, a large section of students find themselves unable to access basic academic resources and guidance to chart their careers in these disciplines. We believe that through focussed mentoring, academic material support and sustained guidance, exceptional students can beat all odds and unfurl their potential.

Vashishtha Narayan Singh Scholars Award


The Vashishtha Narayan Singh Junior and Young Scholars Awards are one-of-a-kind scholarships for 11th grade students and B.Sc. students studying in government institutions of Bihar who have shown exceptional academic excellence and rigour in the disciplines of Science or Mathematics. The award is instituted in memory of Padma Shri Vashishtha Narayan Singh, a par-excellence mathematician and academic extraordinaire from Bhojpur, Bihar who left his legacy as far as University of California, Berkeley, University of Washington, Seattle and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). 


The scholarship aims to identify and support underprivileged students who have shown academic talent and scientific rigour during their secondary schooling and demonstrate tangible potential to excel in their higher secondary as well as higher education studies. Through a 2 year-long extensive academic support programme including expert mentoring, guidance, skill-development coaching and in-kind benefits worth INR 30000, students will be nurtured to develop their intellectual competencies and motivated to pursue higher studies in world-class institutes from India or abroad. The objective of the award is to hone the talents of the students and unfurl their potential without them having to worry about other trivial financial as well as social constraints. 


The scholarship envisions nurturing exceptional students who hold the promise to represent Bihar in India and abroad for their prodigious performance in Science and Maths. The scholarship is an attempt to nurture India’s next Vashishtha Narayan Singh, a man who beat all odds to reach the world’s best educational institutes on the sole basis of his capabilities and passion.


If you believe that you have the passion and capability to make your mark in the world of Science, apply for the scholarship here!

For Junior Scholar:

For Young Scholar:



Getting into the premier institution of IIT is a dream fulfilment for millions of engineering aspirants in India. We believe that dreams should not be restricted by one’s background and potential must be shaped through a well-intentioned support system based on regular knowledge sharing between have’s and have not’s. 

The fragmented education system and exorbitant coaching centres are institutional barriers for government school students willing to seek quality technical education. A mentoring agency is necessary for acing the entrance exam of  IIT, which continues to be one of the most challenging entrance tests in India.  EdAspire serves as a facilitator between government school students with the lack of resources, but a high storehouse of will, and IIT’s across India who help these students through regular virtual classes.


11th and 12th-grade students from government schools are trained for cracking the JEE exams by volunteers from IIT Delhi, IIT Madras and IIT Patna. Organizing classes entails designing the curriculum and assessment techniques, guiding and motivating students and knowledge-building sessions by industry experts. Our pilot batch began on 5th September and is currently supporting 45-50 aspirants. 


We’re looking for class 11th and 12th students wanting to learn about JEE examinations, and engineering institutions and experts wanting to guide these students through their learning path. 

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