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How to Prepare for UPSC Interview

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

EdJustice People's Campaign presents EdUpgrade, a unique accelerator program which connects College students to industry experts. EdUpgrade, is an initiative by Ed Justice People's Campaign which aims to accelerate the growth of university students in Bihar through guidance from experts. The first session with IAS Officer Mugdha Sinha gave students a detailed insight into the life and work of Civil Servants. The session was both interactive and enriching for students who are preparing for the Civil Service examinations.

According to the speaker, the first step when a person sets in mind that they wish to appear for UPSE- is to start early and plan the entire process. A person should make them familiar with the syllabus of the exam and should keep in mind that UPSE is nothing but everything under the sun. And this is the reality that one should accept and start preparing for it physically as well as mentally. Moving on, the aspirant should start collecting the study material, search for libraries that have a good book collection, choose informative newspapers and then make a timetable to prepare all of them steadily without taking pressure. Schooling and college education is also very crucial because it gives the aspirant the frame to choose the subjects they are comfortable studying and appear for the exam. The way of preparation varies for every student, but something every aspirant should take into account is that it's not the hours rather it is the concentration and focus that count in the end for a successful result. Clarity, self-reflection and comprehension of the topics studied are immensely crucial. Don’t be demotivated by the trends, they change from time to time. Be confident in yourself and move ahead. When you appear for the interview board the candidate must be presentable before them. This means that the candidate should appear neat, and clean and the only thing that they must wear properly is CONFIDENCE.

IAS Officer Mugda Sinha:

The primary goal to be successful in an interview is confidence and a good presence of mind along with deep knowledge about the subject and surroundings, before the Interview Board. This will indeed reflect that the candidate has control of himself and the interview. Deep knowledge and thorough preparation on numerous topics, like for instance current affairs, optional subjects, the subjects of study at the college level etc. Sufficient levels of mock interview settings as well as group discussions will further help to enhance your communication skills, confidence and how to approach a question asked. Reading newspapers every day will give the candidate to develop critical thinking and analytical ability to face the questions asked in the interview confidently and good presence of mind.

Jai Hind!!!

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